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Voodoo, Tool, and Summer Recap - Ambient Noise

Sep. 3rd, 2005

12:05 pm - Voodoo, Tool, and Summer Recap

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My first music entry is in fact a question - will Voodoo fest go on in spite of Katrina? More on that later

There is a HUGE update on the TOOL website - check it out @ http://www.toolband.com/newsletter/

-Billy Corgan solo debut feat. Robert Smith...Smashing Pumpkins to reunite - members uncertain
-WITH TEETH the best NIN release since Pretty Hate Machine. Currently on Tour with QOTSA
-Tool in studio with (rumored) last album
-Cream reunited
-Pink Floyd reunited w/ Roger Waters @ Live8, but tour is doubtful.
-Beck releases Dust Bros.(Odelay) helmed album Guero w/ Jack White bass cameo on "Go it Alone"
-MTV bought Bonnaroo...meanwhile, little known STS9 plays smallest stage - audience overflows to entrance a lemonade stand was the victim.