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-Pete Townshend announced it may take another 5 years (in addition to the 10 already spent) to finish the next Who album due to the need for "Who-worthy" material.
-New Rollingstone album is best they've recorded in decades.
-Green Day won 7 vmas.....I love Green Day but who gives a fuck about the vma's anyway? According to Rollingstone rating were down for the 2 years (RS quote "To say MTV's is drifting away from music is like saying Paris Hilton is drifting away from innocense...")

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actually made it to work on time today. Booyah....May talk to my brother tommorow.
Think I'm goin to start meditating....think it'd be good for me. Writing music and poetry at the moment. I found out the true meaning behind the song "H." by Tool the online the other day....just made the song even more beautiful ~ A.
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